The Hardcore Gym in Aarau

The Hardcore Gym in Aarau is now open 24/7! The gym for bodybuilding enthusiasts.

The Hardcore Gym in Aarau has set itself the goal to be a gym and meeting point for ambitious athletes and active and aspiring athletes in the field of fitness & bodybuilding. The gym is specially designed for bodybuilding sports with the appropriate equipment and posing room for optimal preparation of possible competitions. The gym is also accessible for personal trainers and coaches and their athletes. Beginners are referred to a suitable coach / personal trainer to quickly reach the set goals. 

We are regularly visited by international bodybuilding athletes on their way to their competitions in Aarau.

Become part of this wonderful sport and lifestyle! You are welcome to come to our gym anytime and enjoy a free training session. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon in our Gym / Fitness Temple in Aarau! Follow us on the social media as well.


The Swiss Hardcore Gym / Fitness Center is now open in Aarau. Perfectly accessible and lots of parking spaces available. In the same building as the Fight Gym Aarau on the first floor on the right. Active and prospective athletes, as well as enthusiasts of bodybuilding sports are welcome to train among like-minded people. The gym is open to members of the Swiss Federation of Bodybuilding (SFBB). We look forward to welcoming numerous members with the same sporting interest and ambitions. Fitness and bodybuilding is our passion, which we live up to in all matters.


Hardcore Gym
Tellistrasse 114
1. Stock
CH-5000 Aarau
+41 79 400 00 50

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