The Hardcore Gym in Aarau

Soon the Hardcore Gym will open in Aarau. The Hardcore Gym has set itself the goal of being a gym exclusively for prospective and active athletes in the field of fitness & bodybuilding. The gym will be specially designed for the needs of athletes with special posing room and other features.

We are looking forward to welcoming you soon! In the meantime, follow us on the social media:


The Swiss hardcore gym will open in Aarau in the next two to three months. Perfectly accessible and lots of parking spaces available. In the same building as the Fight Gym Aarau on the first floor on the right. All athletes and future athletes are welcome to train among like-minded people. The studio is exclusively accessible to members of the Swiss Federation of Bodybuilding (SFBB). Registration and further information can be found on the website We are looking forward to welcoming numerous members with the same sporting interest. Fitness and bodybuilding is our passion and we would like to do justice to it in all matters.

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