Hygiene & protection concept

Our COVID-19 protection concept provides:

The BAG's hygiene regulations must be observed. See also posters and www.bag-coronavirus.ch.


  • Those who feel sick / uncomfortable stay at home!
  • Disinfect compulsory hands in the entrance area
  • Daily cleaning of the studio by cleaning company
  • Disinfection stations / paper towels in the training area to use
  • Use towels! No direct contact with the body and seat cushion of the devices
  • Keep training duration short (maximum 90 minutes) and avoid peak times.

Different studio areas

  • Maximum number of people in the training area: 20 people (10 people / 100m2)
  • Maximum number of people per cloakroom: 2 people
  • Maximum number of people in the posing room: 2 people

Concept devices marking

  • Devices with a red / white band are blocked and cannot be used at the moment
  • Devices with yellow / black floor markings may only be used if nobody is training on the neighboring device (no simultaneous use!)
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